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What does it all mean?

What is the difference between an A1/A2/A and DAS?

The A1/A2 and A licence categories are in their approach very much the same – from a learning/training perspective anyway.  The key difference is the size (kW/bhp) of the motorcycle you will be allowed to ride.  To obtain your full bike licence (albeit an A1/A2/A) you will need to first complete a CBT course and take your theory test. Once you have successfully completed that you will then need to take a MOD1 and MOD2 test at a DVSA test centre.

So what is DAS you ask.

Direct access scheme

You can get your full (category A) motorcycle licence using the direct access scheme (DAS) if you’re aged 24 or over. You’ll have to pass the motorcycle practical tests on a machine of at least 40 kW (53.6 bhp).

Taking direct access means you’ll have a full motorcycle licence without previously holding a licence for a smaller bike for two years – you’ll have no restriction on the size of machine you can ride.

To gain a better understanding of the licence categories in relation to your age and experience take a look at our ‘Which licence?’ page.

How much does it cost?

The cost for full days training is £180. The test fees are additional – the MOD1 is £15.50 and the MOD2 is £75 – these are charged for at the point of booking and scheduled in by us.

Training costs vary depending on whether you are looking for extra training for a retest for example. In these instances we can offer half day rates assuming we have space in the schedule to offer this.

How long will it take?

Training and tests are typically scheduled within 3/4/5 days training. We usually recommend you book in 2 days training with your MOD at the end of the 2nd day.  We can then evaluate how much additional training you require – you will also have a good idea to in regards how confident you feel.

We also recommend that you leave a space between your MOD1 and MOD2 tests – 4/5 days as a rule is a good amount of time as should you not complete your MOD1 successfully we have time to cancel your MOD2 without you losing your MOD2 test fees.

If you are really confident, we can schedule you in for an intensive course and get all the tests booked in consecutively.

TO BOOK simply call our office and speak to one our team on 0844 664 6034

Currently all FULL BIKE LICENCE training is taking place out of our Chingford Training Centre.  Throughout the year our other training centres will also be providing this service.  We look forward to training you soon!