How to get a full licence

The start of the journey

Before you obtain your AM, A1, A2 or A category licence it is worth getting to grips with the steps along the way.


  • STEP 1: Pass your CBT

    16 year olds can then ride a 50cc and anybody older can ride a 125cc.

  • STEP 2: Take your theory test

    This can be booked online or over the phone (DVSA: 0300 200 1122).

  • STEP 3: Practical Training

    Training for your MOD1 and MOD2 tests

  • STEP 4: MOD 1 Test

    Under our instructors supervision you will make your way to the local test centre where you will undergo your MOD 1 test.


  • STEP 5: Practical Training

    You will undergo further training in preparation for your MOD2 test and riding on your own in the future.

  • STEP 6: MOD 2 Test

    On your last day of training you will head to test to complete your MOD2. The following videos highlight the briefing and road ride manoeuvres you will be expected to perform.

    Upon completion you will be required to hand over your licence following which it will be returned to you with your new categories added.

To book your training and MOD1 and MOD2 tests, call us on 0844 664 6034