About Us

Get My CBT was founded for all those setting out to ride.  Introducing new motorcyclists to the open road on two wheels leaves us with a warm feeling in our tummy.  We love to teach and watch people learn – our motorcycle instructors thrive on it.

Our approach is a simple one, we take away all the barriers that make learning difficult.  Whether you’re somebody with car experience or you have no experience at all – you may have never even ridden a pushbike – we can make sure you leave feeling safe and more confident rider.

Providing basic motorcycle training, we believe, is the most exciting and important areas of motorcycle tuition to be involved in.  At Get My CBT we have extremely high standards as do all our instructors.  As such we make sure that every element of the training experience mirrors these standards, from the bikes you ride to the motorcycle gear you will wear.

Your training is of the highest importance to us and our success rate is second to none.  From the moment you arrive we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so do not fear, regardless of your ability, it is our goal to help you get your cbt with ‘Get My CBT’.
We look forward to meeting you at one of our schools soon.

The CBT Team

“To take riders, mainly new, with no-experience and develop their skills and knowledge in such a short time is such a thrill. To see the faces of our students as they develop the skills and confidence they pick up riding and get ‘the bug’ which is so infectious- it’s just an experience we’re glad to be a part of and one we’re extremely experienced in and perfectly attuned to providing”. Greg May – Sites & Training Director



The Founders



The ‘Get My CBT’ Motorcycle Instructors