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Get My CBT are here to save the day!

CBT motorcycle course specialists

Specialising in CBT motorcycle training we are fast becoming the first choice for those of you setting out in the world of biking.  GetMyCBT in case you haven’t guessed by now, provide motorcycle training – CBT courses and lessons from £99.

Below is our brief introduction on what is the ‘Compulsory Basic training’ course really about, who its targeted at and why learning to ride with Get My CBT is the best decision you’ll make.


First off, I hear you all ask ‘what does a CBT course really involve?’

For those of you who are unaware, the Compulsory Basic Motorcycle training course will cover the following elements:

  • Introduction and eyesight check
  • Practical on-site training
  • Practical on-site riding
  • Practical on-road training
  • Practical on-road riding

Included in this very broad summary above are also things such as ‘Motorcycle maintenance’, ‘Recommended motorbike clothing’ etc. In short, you should leave the course understanding how to check your motorcycle (whether that be a geared motorcycle, or scooter or moped) before you ride, thus setting out safely, as well as how to operate and control your bike when on the highways.


Is it for me?

Well the clue is in the title ‘Compulsory Basic Training’

CBT courses provide the foundation for all motorcycle riding – they underpin all skills you will ever learn and such is the case, that they are the first thing you are taught.

So by that rationale ‘I can do my CBT if i have never ridden a motorcycle before’.

More often than not students taking their compulsory basic training course have never ridden before so don’t be put off.  Whatever your gender, shape or size, you should not be put off.  Riding is for everybody to enjoy.  Instructors that teach CBT’s are well versed in dealing with newcomers joining the world of motorcycling – in fact that is what drives them to do the great job they do – well in the case of our instructors that is the case anyway.


Which leads nicely into why you should learn to ride with GetMyCBT.

A good place to start is with our team.

We’re dedicated to ‘Compulsory Basic Training’.

We specialise in this and for that reason we know what we’re talking about.  Our training director has many years experience and has taught people to drive most types of vehicle and is about as qualified as one person can get.  Furthermore GetMyCBT have an excellent completion rate.

This comes down to many reasons. We love teaching people to ride.  Biking is our passion and we want nothing more than to make it yours too. After all riding is fun.  So although there are many practical reasons to getting your CBT and riding bikes or scooters (whatever your fancy) up to 125cc, it’s worth remembering it so much more than that – its a lifestyle choice and one you wont forget or regret.
So, on that note we’ll sign out from what is our first post and leave you with a little quote to think about, however stay tuned as we’ll be back with lots of useful info on motorcycles under 125cc, motorbike maintenance, clothing, road trips and much more.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.