Why CBT is the most important ride of your life

CBT course London

At the start of 2013, the Motorcycle Industry Association reported that it had seen an 8.5% rise in new registrations for bikes between 51-125cc in 2012. It is therefore no wonder that experts are suggesting London’s commuters could be turning to the motorcycle for their daily journey and getting their CBT.

If you’ve never ridden a bike before, it is important to bear in mind that CBT is the most important stage of learning to ride

As a result, demand for motorbike lessons has increased considerably and sales figures for smaller bikes have risen to healthy, pre-recession figures. And it is easy to see why; after a rider has completed his or her Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), they are presented with a choice of bikes which are incredibly cheap to buy and run.

If you’ve never ridden a bike before, it is important to bear in mind that CBT is the most important stage of learning to ride and one of the trickiest to teach. Whether you want a twist-and-go moped or small motorbike, CBT will set you in good stead for a safe and enjoyable life of riding. It is the foundation on which you ride, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Traditionally, new riders have taken to motorcycle training schools in order to make their first step onto the road. Such courses focus on all elements of riding a bike, which can, understandably, be a draw for first timers. Unfortunately, like anything in life, being a jack of all trades but master of none rarely offers a satisfactory result. With something as foundational as CBT, it is important that the person administering the training can claim to be a master at the skills required.

For example, many riders never want to venture above 125cc. For such people, a bike licence is a ticket to a low-cost and convenient form of motoring, therefore enrolling in one-size-fits-all courses isn’t cost effective. At GetMyCBT, we specialise in CBT and CBT only. We are therefore well aware that, if you wish to continue riding a 125cc bike, you’ll need to have a re-test every two years. Focussing on that re-test alone is the key to a safe and enjoyable future on your bike.

 If you’re about to set foot into the incredibly satisfying and enjoyable world of biking, picking the right motorcycle training school is as important as your first helmet purchase. This country’s capital can be riding nirvana and, whether you want to breeze through heavy central London traffic, make your journey to the university of West London a simple one, or simply head home to North London quicker than anyone on four wheels, GetMyCBT will teach you the skills needed to get to your chosen destination safely.