CBT course & bike save ‘big bucks’

Save money CBT courseCBT course & bike are king!

If you’re keen to save money on travel, and live in a busy city like London, you’re likely to have considered taking your CBT course and purchasing a 50cc or 125cc motorbike. These less powerful vehicles offer a quick and convenient way to navigate the heavy traffic which can make travelling across London effortless, while also saving money on the various costs which come with owning an alternative form of transport such as a car.

Save big money.

You could begin to save money before you’re even on the road. When you’re learning to drive a car, you can expect to pay around £20 per hour for lessons, and up to £106 for a weekend theory and practical test. Any failures and you’ll require more lessons, and additional tests. This price can quickly add up, but in comparison a CBT course could provide you with a motorbike licence for only £110, and in a single day. Our locations in Harrow, Ruislip, Uxbridge & Hatfield cover most areas in West London, North London and the surrounding areas as well as Hertfordshire. Our CBT courses encompass all of the practical and technical elements of successful motorbike riding, and with proper focus and determination overseen by our experienced, patient and professional instructors you’re likely to fly through our DSA approved bike test.

Ongoing savings.

Once you’re on the road, you’ll then start saving money in a range of areas. As a young male driver, you could expect to pay upwards of £1,000 for insurance – and even more for especially powerful or expensive cars. In busy areas like London, the cost of insurance will often outweigh the price of the vehicle for young drivers. Conversely, an experienced motorbike licence holder could pay as little as £130 for insurance on a 125cc bike, saving hundreds of pounds. If you live in London, by choosing a bike over a car you’ll also save on parking fees and the congestion charge – small costs individually, but with the potential to really build up if you’re travelling regularly.

Way better than public transport

If you are someone who travels across London regularly, then you might avoid taking the CBT course and earning your motorbike licence in favour of public transport. While the tube and busses are reliable and convenient, they’re also very expensive. This year has seen an average price hike of 4.2% across London’s public transport network, 1% above the Retail Price Index measure of inflation. Despite a £96m cash injection from the government, the price of travelling with both Oyster cards and regular tickets has increased, and isn’t likely to drop any time soon. A single across London could now cost up to £5, and National Rail season tickets are hitting all-time highs of over £4,000. On top of this, we need not discuss the ever-rising price of petrol, which is used far more sparingly by 125cc motorbikes than cars.
So, with cost-effective motorcycle training, London residents could save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds each year by choosing to travel on a 125cc. The bike test itself is an inexpensive process, with the full CBT course also taking only one day. Why not book in to earn your motorbike licence today, and see how much money you could be saving?