CBT Motorbike licence will save you BIG time

CBT Motorbike licence will save you time

Considering a motorbike licence?

When you consider the small size, light weight and comparatively rapid acceleration of a typical 125cc scooter or motorbike, you’ll naturally consider their typical journey speed, compared to a car or public transport. Every day large numbers of cars will travel around London, with statistics suggesting up to 13,000 cars and taxis alone in the borough of Brent, North West London where some of our CBT test courses are situated. This leads to crawling traffic and frequent queuing. But can the decision to take your bike test and gain a motorbike licence really save you time in the long run, or on those longer journeys?

The only feasible alternative to a 125c motorbike’s quickness is arguably public transport. With the right combination of buses, tubes and trams, we can get from one side of London to another with relative ease. However, this speed and convenience relies heavily upon the smooth running of the London transport network, which is unfortunately not an everyday occurrence.

What are the alternatives to a bike?

Let’s first consider the railway network. Network Rail statistics show that punctuality has dropped by 1-2% across all of London’s rail networks, and this is without taking into account staff strikes or planned maintenance work. Well often find partial line closures on the London Underground at weekends, meaning a long detour and several changes are required. If we’re rushing to meet friends or family and we’re hit by one of these closures, there is usually no alternative.

Unfortunately, there’s a similar story on the bus network, with lateness of up to 25% on some routes last year. Whereas a missed bus or incorrectly detailed timetable will normally mean you’re left standing at the kerb for half an hour, if you’ve completed the CBT course and own a full motorbike licence, then you’ll be ready to make your journey whenever is convenient.

Even if your public transport service is running on time, you’ll still have to wait for the allotted time before departing. While this is less of a problem on frequent services like the tube, it can be problematic if you’re travelling at less sociable hours, or to less popular locations.

Your motorcycle test

If you complete your motorcycle training and bike test, you will be presented with you motorbike licence.  You’re then free to begin your journey at whatever time is most convenient for you. You’ll also avoid time-consuming changes between services or stations, and what’s more you can travel directly to your destination, instead of to the nearest public transport station. You could also avoid lengthy traffic jams, as if you’re careful you’ll be able to manoeuvre between cars while they’re at a standstill.

If you’re keen on saving time spent travelling across the city, whether to work or to meet friends, you may want to consider undertaking the CBT course and gaining your motorbike licence. With a day of inexpensive motorbike training, London’s expensive and potentially unreliable public transport services will become a thing of the past. You’ll be free to enjoy your spare time, instead of waiting on a platform or bus stop.