What to bring?

What to bring?


What we provide:

  • Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Motorcycles / Scooter / Moped

You are welcome to bring your own Motorcycle gear should you own it.

What you need to bring.

[ √ ]  Suitable footwear.
We recommend something strong and comfortable, and suitable should the weather conditions change.  Flip-flops or Sandals are a no go.
Read more on ‘Motorcycle footwear’.

[ √ ]  Long trousers.
You will be required to wear long trousers.  Remember It can get cold when out and travelling around on motorcycles & scooters will leave you exposed to the elements.  Read more on ‘Motorcycle trousers’.

[ √ ]  Glasses or contact lenses
If you are required to wear prescription glasses or lenses then please do so on the day as you will need them for safety and to read a number plate from around 20.5m (66ft) away.

[ √ ]  Driving licence
You must bring this – without it you will be unable to ride.  We need to see your plastic photocard driving licence, full or provisional. Photocopies are not accepted.  If you only have the old paper licence please bring a passport with you on the day (as this provides us formal photographic proof of your iD)

Other recommendations:

[=] The Highway code:
Whether you are riding a bike or driving a car, knowledge of the highway is essential. if you have no previous experience on the road, then making yourself aware of the highway code is very important.

[=] THINK Weather!
It can get cold, wet and hot all on the same day,  Regardless of our reputation for the change in weather, when on a bike you are exposed to all of the elements – be prepared.  Read more on ‘Riding in varying weather conditions’.

[=] Have a good understanding of English
You will need to understand and be able to communicate clearly with the instructor at all times so this is essential. This is a requirement and not a recommendation – you must be able to understand your instructor as you will be supervised them as part of the road riding element of your course.