Become an instructor

Want to become a motorcycle instructor?

Well at GetMyCBT we provide the tuition needed to become a motorcycle instructor and the opportunities to keep you in work during and after your training.

  • Love motorcycles and riding?
  • Good with people?
  • Not happy where you work and fancy a change?

Whatever your reasons are for considering becoming a motorcycle instructor, there are plenty of good reasons to do so.  We’ll tell you a few from experience what these are and what to do next if you’re serious.

A few of the benefits to being a Motorcycle instructor

  1. Good working hours.
  2. The feeling of satisfaction which teaching provides
  3. Meeting new people each day.
  4. The ability to ride your motorcycle more often. Whats not to like? 🙂

What to do next?

At GetMyCBT we provide training and the opportunity to work with us.  As a rapidly expanding motorcycle school, we provide good earning potential as well as futher career opportunities should you look to progress further.

Simply pick up the phone and speak with us about ‘Becoming an Instructor’.

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