Motorcycle Safety Clothing, handling and periodic checks

It is important when riding or planning to ride your motorcycle, to really be aware of yourself, your bike and the environment around you, so motorcycle safety really is number one before setting out on even the smallest of journeys.

Below are a few of the key areas you will need to consider when it comes to motorcycle safety, regardless of whether you commute to London daily on your scooter or ride your motorbike socially a few times a week.

With a good understanding and respect for motorcycle safety you can enjoy riding and immerse yourself in an experience unlike that of any other.



Its all about being prepared – that means safe in the event of an accident, plus being comfortable in the event of all weathers. Now many will want to look good too, and that is more than achievable with the huge range of clothing and accessories out there but don’t sacrifice fashion over function. For example getting a correct fit on your helmet is by far the most important of all things to get right. read more.

On the road

Being a good rider is all about the basics – be conscious of your speed and awareness of your surroundings. Keeping the highway code always in the fore of your mind will help you achieve this. Remember all you learnt at CBT level including bike control – it all contributes to being a safe and confident rider; practicing slow speed maneuvers will also help with this. read more.

Bike maintenance

Always check your bike weekly if not daily- tyre pressures, oil, brake fluid, your chain etc. Periodic checks are key when on two wheels as there is little room for error. If a chain slips or a tyre blows out you could end up on the floor so it really is crucial to check over your bike as often as possible. With a little practice it is something that will become second nature and will pay you back. Motorcycle safety will make your time on the road a real pleasure so embrace it. read more.

The government motorcycle safety scheme Think! has a wealth of information too. Check it out here