Bike checks & maintenence Daily and periodic

Bike checks - tyre pressureAlways perform pre-riding bike checks on your bike. You may also consider periodic checks on your motorcycle if you feel confident – if you do, our recommendation is the more frequent the better.

Typically your motorcycle manual will advise as to the timing of these checks – these largely depend on distance/amount of use as well.

So before undertaking any maintenance on your motorcycle or scooter consider the following:

– Always read the manual.
– Have your machine serviced to manufacturers recommendations.
– Never undertake any maintenance task that you are not completely sure how to successfully complete. Always best to use a mechanic if you’re not hands on.
– Join a recovery service.

Pre riding (daily) bike checks

Anybody can do these and once done a couple of times shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Rolling chassis
    • Tyres – check pressure before riding
    • Suspension – check the front fork and rear suspension for fluid leaks.
    • Brakes – Check the brake fluid reservoir, the brakes discs for damage and that there are no leaks from the brake lines or reservoir.
    • Steering – check there are no catches or snags when turning such as cables getting caught and that the handlebars can turn full lock.
  • Electrics
    • Headlamp and rear light activate when the half and full beam are selected.
    • Brake lights activate when front or rear brake is applied.
    • Indicators – try your indicator switch and hazard switch and that all lights work correctly when activated.
    • Horn works?
  • Mirrors – Do they need re-adjusting?
    • Fuel – is there sufficient?
    • Do they meet legal requirements?
    • Ensure the number plate and L-plates are clean and visible and that the tax disk present?
  • Engine
    • Are there any leaks from the engine?

Periodic bike checks

If you are to check everything yourself work to a system; try and link the checks into a logical order that is easy to remember such as:

  • Rolling Chassis
    Wheels & Tyres, Brakes, Suspension, Steering
  • Engine
  • Electrics

More detailed information on these bike checks can be found on our blog.