Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle specific clothing with exception to a helmet is not a legal requirement but it should be strongly considered. There is not better alternative than specific clothing as it is the only separation between rider and the point of impact.

When choosing a motorcycle clothing there are five main considerations to take into account:

  • Fit/comfort
  • Impact armour
  • Abrasion protection
  • Water resistance
  • Thermal quality

Your helmet

The law requires that you must wear an approved, fastened safety helmet if you are riding or being carried pillion on a motorcycle or moped. The only exception to this rule is the wearing of a turban for religious reasons. Also be aware, an approved, fastened helmet must also be worn of you are pushing a motorcycle on a public road.

Once on, you should feel the helmet against your whole head and after fastening the chinstrap should be able to get two fingers between your helmet and your jaw. When twisting the helmet it should not slip – if it does its too big. If it doesn’t but it leaves red marks and harts after a few minutes its too tight.  (Read more on motorcycle helmets)


These should be considered top of the list after a motorcycle helmet. It’s a natural human reaction, when we fall, to put our hand out or to use our hands to protect ourselves. This makes our hands vulnerable giving us good reason to protect them.


The feet and lower legs require good protection too, being so close to the road surface makes the feet and lower leg vulnerable. Motorcycle boots all have particular features specifically designed for riding a motorcycle, these feature are:

A heel :: The heel helps to locate the foot and the motorcycle foot rest
Armour :: Motorcycle boots will have armour around the toe, heel, ankle 
and shin.
Laterally crush resistant sole. :: This is to protect the foot in an impact.
Zip/Velcro fastening :: Zips and Velcro are more suitable than laces as 
laces can come undone and get caught in the working of the 
Oil resistant sole . Riding on the road the, your boots will inevitably 
come into contact with oil. To prevent you from slipping and to ensure better wear motorcycle boots will usually have oil resistant soles.

Motorcycle jacket & trousers

Motorcycle clothing is an important aid to being a safe and responsible rider. The correct clothing will provide the user with protection from the cold and wet, increase visual presence and in the worst case, help to protect the user from severe injury in an accident, therefore clothing should be carefully considered.
Whether you decide for one-piece suit and combination of jacket and trousers remember the 5 factors of motorcycle clothing above.

High visibility clothing

When riding, it is important as you are so small compared to many other vehicles, that you stand out. Riders not being seen is one of the most common reasons for accidents occurring.

Therefore having some form of fluorescent or refelective fabric on you is a great idea. Whether on your motorcycle clothing or by way of a over vest/jacket.
When choosing the correct high-viz clothing understand firstly what each does:

Fluorescent fabric :: Fluorescent or Day glow fabric is designed to enhance the reflection of natural light, therefore it should be used in the day.

Reflective fabric :: Reflective fabrics are designed to reflect man-made light and therefore enhance presence at night.

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