5 reasons why motorbiking into London is better than driving a car

Motorbiking in London best by bike

Thought about motorbiking into London?


When it comes to travelling across London, there are many different options, each with their own positives and negatives. If we consider ever-rising fuel costs, extras like tax and insurance, and the volume of traffic which can be found in London, we can gain an insight into the most cost-effective, reliable

methods of travel across the capital. In particular, we’ll be focusing on the use of a 125cc scooter over a car. We’ve come up with five reasons which all suggest that if you take your CBT, motorbiking into London will make travelling much cheaper and easier.

Quicker journeys

With the small size and superior manoeuvrability which comes with a 125cc scooter or moped, you’re able to beat the traffic by weaving in between cars at a standstill – a common occurrence across London. You’re especially likely to encounter lengthy waiting times if you’re travelling during rush hour, or in the very centre of London, so you could save considerable time if you regularly travel in these areas at peak traffic times just by purchasing a 125cc motorbike. completing your CBT and motorbiking into London. London is known for being notoriously difficult to navigate on the roads, but by choosing against a car you can save yourself considerable time and stress.


Parking LondonJust as it can be difficult to navigate London in a car, parking can be even more of a headache. It can be difficult to find a parking space, let alone one that’s in a location close to your final destination. What’s more, you can expect to pay handsomely for the most convenient parking space, especially If you’re working all day. However, if you were to ride a 125cc motorbike or moped, you’ll find free motorcycle parking available in six of the car parks operated by the City of London, as well as free parking bays across the city. The locations of these can even be viewed online in an interactive map.  And as if motorbiking into London wasn’t worth it by this reason alone there’s more.

Insurance and tax

If you’re a young male, more often than not the cost of your tax and insurance will outweigh the cost of your actual car. However, by choosing a 125cc motorbike and completing your CBT, London’s typically high insurance costs will be significantly lower – in the hundreds rather than the thousands. Furthermore, your tax will cost you only £17 per year, significantly less than the amount payable for any car.


As a motorist, you’ll no doubt have something to say about the ever-increasing cost of petrol and diesel. Fuel prices vary from forecourt to forecourt, but if you complete your CBT and motorbike into London travel needn’t be expensive, wherever you refuel. The smaller, less powerful engines in 125cc bikes will get you from A to B in good time, while only using small amounts of fuel. This means less frequent refills, and also less harmful emissions.

Congestion Charge

Congestion ChargeIf you’re travelling through central London, between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday, you’ll be required to pay the £10 daily congestion charge. However, for those who have purchased a 125cc motorbike and completed the CBT, London’s congestion charge is a thing of the past. You aren’t required t pay a penny, saving you both money and the effort of paying.

Are you now considering taking your CBT? Do you have any experience of navigating London in either a car or a 125cc moped?
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