Seven reasons to be seen on a scooter

Motorbike riders might have all the power but scooter riders will tell you they have all the fun.

The scooter was once the vehicle of choice for the winding, bustling streets of cities like Rome or Milan. But such is their practicality, efficiency and all round popularity; they have now become the item to be seen on for commuters, ladies of leisure and all round cool dudes in cities and towns across the country.

Here are a few reasons that two wheels are better than four…

1. Easy to park

It’s one thing to avoid the traffic, but where there is traffic you can bet your life there is a mad scramble for parking spaces. The beauty of a scooter is that they can be parked just about anywhere and take up about as much room as a bicycle. Make sure to check parking regulations first of course.

2. They are cheaper than most other vehicles

With second hand scooters on the market for less than £1000, you’d be hard pushed to get better bang for your buck. Classic models will hold their value too, so shop around and you might just be making an investment, as well as a good motoring decision.

3. They look good

We all know the practical benefits of a scooter, but let’s face it girls and guys, they look pretty damned cool. Depending on which model you opt for you can certainly turn heads with the great colour schemes and designs that are out there.

4. Cheap to run

Most scooters will cost you less than a tenner to fill the tank, yes that’s right, less than a tenner to fill it to the brim. And with road tax costing around £17 for the year, you can only sit back and laugh when you listen to people moaning about how motoring has never been so expensive.

5. Avoid road charges

As if it wasn’t enough that you can get your hands on one of these beauties cheaply, fill the tank for the same price as a packet of cigarettes and tax it with change from £20; scooters are usually exempt from road taxes, tolls and tunnel charges. So a quick trip into the city could work out cheaper than getting the bus. Be careful though, with some scooters reaching upward of 60mph, it’s all too easy to blow any savings on speeding penalties; we advise keeping to the speed limits.

6. They’re environmentally friendly

You don’t have to ditch your four-wheeled friend. But using a scooter means cutting down on the amount that you use your car, thus reducing the amount of harmful emissions given off daily. By switching 10% of your annual commute to a scooter, you will save almost 325 million tons of carbon dioxide and 15 million gallons of petrol per year.

7. You don’t need to change to ride a scooter

Not necessarily a huge selling point for most guys, but girls use scooters by the thousand and the fact you can ride one in a skirt is a real plus point. Also, most scooters are automatic, so no need to operate pedals with your feet; saving those sharp shoes and prized platforms for another day. Responsible dress is always recommended when riding of course!